Arriving to Vancouver


Flying for the first time to Canada, to Vancouver more precisely, was, for each of us, a different type of experience. It happened many years ago. For our son, who’s age was still counted in months at the time, was just one of those regular trips, he didn’t really get all the fuss around him since he was on the go from day 1 of his life, so this trip was no different. To me… I was literally trying to enjoy it, as much as a young mom could, but as I have been only minimally involved in the trip planning itself, there were simply too many things I didn’t know, not to mention all the things I didn’t know I don’t know. So about that specific emotion “you’re changing your life forever”…  I can’t remember. To my husband… well, that is a different story. He was watching the Rockies as we flu over on a beautify sunny day, and I could see he was barely breathing. To see the Rockies was one of his big dreams. It was the first day of May. I didn’t understand much at the time. The plan was to come here, so we were coming. It was quite simple for a side watcher. All the wheels turning behind the entire mechanism din’t seem to be one of my troubles at the time, and I should say I have rather failed to consider this arrival a life changer. But it was.

We landed at about 3 pm. My hubby would know exactly, I am quite sure he still remembers. Went through the landing immigration paperwork quite fast as he had it all set and knew everything step by step. A friend from North Vancouver was waiting for us at the airport. The airport looked cute, but small. We’ve loaded our luggage into the minivan and left. Buildings looked funny, many seemed unfinished, with no roof, nothing like in Europe I thought, and I was rather disappointed. People were nice and smiling all the time, but as I didn’t speak any English I didn’t quite get why. Once in our friends’ apartment I felt better, even though many things looked funny there as well, the toilet was full of water (first time I flushed I thought it will overflow), the bathtub was really low, and our friend, holding a green smoothie, was happily explaining how great this is for your health. But there was a gorgeous view of the Lion’s Gate bridge from their balcony. That – I loved! As the night settled, we were definitely jetlagged, so I stayed on the balcony and looked at the sparkling view over the gulf for a long time. A myriad of tiny stars made room for themselves, one near the other, just to add more glamour to the whole picture. sheridan-lakeTwo days latter, we moved our luggage into a rental car and embarked on a two weeks trip around British Columbia – our first discovery journey. The plan was to stop for the first night at a hidden in the forest cottage on the Sheridan Lake,then a few days in Prince George as I had to see the UNBC, then move on to see Jasper National Park, 3 days stop in Edmonton, then Calgary, followed by a stop in Banff for a few days, we drove up on the Ice Fields Parkway towards Mt. Athabasca, did some hiking, came back to Lake Louise (which I fell in love with forever), Yoho National Park, Revelstoke, Kelowna, and back to Vancouver. I still remember pretty well many of the amazing Bed & Breakfast locations we stayed at throughout this trip. They have added local flavor to the breakfast time, when we could learn more about people, listen to their stories and try to understand what makes them Canadians. It was an amazing trip, helped us see how huge, how beautiful and how delicate British Columbia is, and we even didn’t go past Prince George… some day I should come back here to write more about certain parts of it.

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