Battle with Life

Here is something that never ceases to amaze me: the power we find in others’ eagerness to get things done. No matter what. I know many people who are so beautiful just because they never give up. They have a plan to follow. They have another test to pass. They have another step to take. It’s a constant battle we fight with life. Sometimes we think it’s a game, a game where we try to win, only that participation is not optional. I believe it was Shakespeare who said it, wasn’t it? Life is a battlefield, therefore you need to fight to earn the privilege of living it.Magdalena 5 I had the opportunity to speak at SFU this past Saturday. To a large group of new Canadians, and some of them not so new anymore. Their questions, their willingness, their keenness stayed with me for hours. I felt energized and empowered by these people’s humble desire to regain their lost professional identity. Even if the ability to help is little, it felt good to be there to listen, to try to understand, and to leave the venue thinking of possible new solutions. Of what could be implemented. Of how can we become a better home for them. Of how could we use this tremendous array of skills they bring to their new home. Possibilities. They will never fit in a box.

Even if there is much that has been done, there also is so much room for improvement.

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